Our Office Treats Fibromyalgia Unlike Any Other
Are you suffering with fibromyalgia? Have you tried just about everything? Our office has a new breakthrough treatment aimed at the true cause of fibromyalgia. This is not just a treatment aimed at symptom relief like all the other treatments, but a true “treat the cause” treatment.

Fibromyalgia is caused by Sleep Apnea. I spent three plus years working, studying, and testing different theories to uncover the cause. Next, I spent over five years developing treatment protocols and implementing them with my patients. I believe what I have discovered represents a true medical breakthrough. I am not a lone voice on this. The medical world is starting to come to this same conclusion. I just happen to do a lot of work with this on my patients,

You can download chapter one of my book Fibromylagia Solved here:

One last thought. One of my fibromyalgia patients asked me: are you going to start a fibromyalgia support group? I answered her: no – I am not here to help you manage your symptoms – I am here to help you heal your condition. That is what this breakthrough treatment does. It gives people their lives back.

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