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How to Lose Weight

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Discover information that can help you to achieve weight loss and keep it off!


Weight Loss is a labyrinth. A maze of pathways, plenty of dead-ends, with road maps of conflicting information. To complicate the situation, each person will find a different combination of things that will get him or her to the exit of the maze. Each person is different: Age, genetics, health, habits, expectations, busy schedules, musculoskeletal pain, etc., all combine to create roadblocks. So how do you get there from here?

Let me share with you a few pathways that make sense and can help you navigate the labyrinth.

In WEIGHT LOSS – YOUR CORRECT FORMULA, you will find a weight loss program with a balanced approach using exercise and nutrition.

Additionally, there are many strategies about how to accomplish your goals so that you can achieve a natural weight loss.

In the EXERCISE section there is information on:

  • Various tips on how to incorporate exercise and enjoy it.
  • How to customize a fitness workout program for you.
  • Which exercises are best – aerobic vs. anaerobic - the difference between eccentric and concentric contraction exercise - Can a pedometer help?
  • Tips on how to overcome stumbling blocks to exercising.
  • How to find time to exercise.
  • How often should you exercise.
  • For those who simply cannot exercise: There are tips on what you can do if exercise cannot be done.

In the NUTRITION section there is information on:

  • Food facts: Which foods are best to eat: Should you eat low carb, low fat, high protein? The difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates and how to eat the correct amounts of each. Discussions of processed foods vs. natural foods, discussion and extensive lists of the food groups: whole grains vs. refined grains, fruits and vegetables, milk, yogurt, and cheese, meat & beans. What is fiber?
  • How much to eat. Do you need to count calories? How to determine portion size?
  • Sugar addiction and how to beat it.
  • How can you change what you have for dessert and still enjoy it.
  • How to read food labels.
  • Discussion of existing diet programs.
  • Discussion of the gylcemic index.
  • Ways to kick start your weight loss.

In the LIFESTYLE CHANGES/STRATEGIES section there is information on:

  • How to truly change.
  • How to remove stumbling blocks that keep you from succeeding.
  • Many strategies which will aid in both you nutrition and exercise so you can enjoy them.
  • How to get your body to adapt to a new reality so your changes will be permanent and natural.

In the HOW FIT SHOULD YOU BE chapter there is information on:

  • Mirror test
  • Body fat %
  • Body Mass Index
  • Simple lung capacity
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Cardiac stress test

Emotional reasons for eating are discussed with resources to help overcome the emotional component.

This program is not about "will power". Who has the "will power" to push themselves to exercise and eat right month after month? Who can constantly put up such a mental battle? Nobody can. If your weight loss plan is all about "will power" it will fail.

Hopefully you will find many tools and much information that will aid you to change your life naturally and succeed in your personal weight loss goals. This book’s weight loss program takes a natural weight loss approach by combining correct diet and exercise information that you can use to change your life.

Listed below are the titles of each chapter:

  1. The 2 Pillars of Weight Loss: Exercise & Nutrition
  2. Exercise – Which is Best / How often
  3. Nutrition – What to Eat / Trusting Nature / How Much to Eat
  4. Motivation/Strategy for Change – Will power vs. Change of lifestyle
  5. Lifestyle Changes/Strategies for Exercising
  6. Lifestyle Changes/Strategies for Nutrition
  7. How Fit Should You Be?
  8. The Emotional Component to Weight Loss
  9. Summary

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Dr. Bruce's Balanced Approach to weight loss that will have a lasting effect        


This program is weight loss made simple, not weight loss made fast. (If you want to be aggressive you can speed it up, but for most people a constant new lifestyle will work permanently.)
As long as you develop a new reality so you can lose the weight and kept it off, it doesn’t matter if it takes a little extra time to get there.

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